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How It Started

During my early working life, I climbed the Corporate ladder in Human Resources as the Learning & Development Officer for a Financial Institution for 13 years, whilst running a recycling company with my husband Michael.

I was spending all my time working hard and wasn’t paying attention to the other areas of life I valued.

My marriage, health, finances and spiritual life began falling apart and I became uninspired, lost all belief in myself and felt like a failure.

After having no time and being in financial fear, I became stuck in life and sabotaged my success through people pleasing, perfectionism and distraction. 

Then something happened...

I had a moment of complete frustration. It was a Tuesday morning and I was home alone with my 3-year-old daughter. Broke, scared and exhausted, I wanted it all to be different and was at a breaking point.

That’s when I decided to seek out the teachings of mentors and coaches and began implementing success principles to break through the self-sabotaging patterns and behaviours that created the fundamental shifts I needed and in turn, completely transformed my life.

I spent the next 12 years growing and mentoring a successful Direct Selling business that gave me the time freedom with my family that I longed for.

How It Changed

My principles to success is a program that I developed like no other. Why is it so different? Because it is spirit based with the practicality of this world. What I do is very different and it works. This program is ‘Reset & Rise.’

Implementing the processes in my signature program created great success for myself and I took my family Buyers Agent business from zero to selling over $100,000,000 of property within 3 years.

Today, my Coaching Practice has been in operation for 7 years with 1:1 clients globally. I have had the honour of coaching for Dr John De Martini, Scott Harris and Mark Rolton, and have positively impacted thousands of others in group coaching sessions.

I have spoken to live audiences that span the globe, am an Amazon Number 1 Best Selling Author, have been featured in business magazines, am a Ted Talk Speaker and the 2022 AusMumPreneur Business and Humanitarian award winner.

My greatest love is my husband Michael, being a fun Mum to our daughter Aimee, travelling, and inspiring others with the secrets to prosperity and making positive change in the world. Giving back is a focus in my life and I support a number of charities and foundations around the world.

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