Helping You to take Your Life to the next level

Hi, I'm Cathy Feenan. A Mindset Coach guiding business owners who are ready to take their life to the next level with my signature program Reset and Rise.

Reset & Rise

This program facilities and creates the freedom that the heart desires and a happy, meaningful life that each person gets to fall in love with the life of their dreams.

This loving containership is the place to feel comfort, ease and to let go of what is not serving you in a place that is safe and nurturing. 

Breaking generational trauma and poverty.

Clearing the blocks of hurtful and shameful emotions and belief systems that had been developed over the years that are stopping the flow of love, abundance and life.

This is facilitated in a group environment over 8 sessions live on zoom with me. All sessions are recorded and gifted to you for life purpose at no extra cost for you for your lifetime access.


What ever was taken from you it is time to take that back and stepping powerfully into the space of:

Authority  |  Purpose  Joy  |  Creativity  |  Wealth  |  Grace  Ease  |  Certainty


This is a life changing program that will flow powerfully into all aspects of your life.

You will find your tribe and be held strongly and lovingly by Cathy through the entire process.

Stepping into:

This program is set over 8 sessions with powerful processes to shed the unwanted and to quantum leap the healing journey into a life that is beyond your imagination.

My work is done very differently to anyone else out there. I focus on the full soul and energy bodies.

We will utilise:
– The Conscious mind
– The Unconscious mind
– Cellular level
– Soul level
– Energetic spirit level


This is for men and women who are in search of ease.

This is for men and women who want to elicit their God given purpose and Divine will for themselves, their families, and environment and the impact they want to shine out to the world.

I love helping people who feel tired, lost, stuck and frustrated going nowhere in their life people who are ready for more and ready to breakthrough their limiting beliefs, low self-worth, low emotional states, lack of confidence, and poverty to feeling true love for self, love for others, joy, peace and freedom to stand in their truth so they can manifest & co-create with God.

This Program is for you if you yearn to:

BE Free. Free from the treadmill of day to day life of struggle, anxiousness, feeling lost or incomplete.

This is for you if you want life to feel and be easier. To connect into highest frequencies of source love and do life from that energy. Allowing the flow of abundance, ease and grace to flood every aspect of your day.


This program gives you the deep understanding of the psychology of the mind and the behaviours that are sabotaging the flow of abundance.

This program gives you the freedom in mind, body and spirit to be and do what you are put on this earth to do. To live a life of prosperity, love and purpose.

This program is the safety net to your pain and the place to transform that pain into your own power. The place to connect heart and mind.

This means you have the freedom from past limitations to move forward in any direction you yearn for. You will have the recipe for success.


In this program you get:

• 8 sessions in a group environment on Facebook
• Community connection and support
• All recordings are gifted to you for future reference at no extra cost
• A private Facebook group
• Your “Start Strong for Success” morning practice
• The Breakthrough Journaling guide
• The 21 Day Money Manifestation Challenge
• Every process to Reset and Rise

My purpose, mission and love for humanity is witnessed through my work and seeing people prosper in all the areas of their life.

Seeing someone like yourself create the life you desire and value and using your business / mission to make an impact for the highest good of all.

This is your opportunity to co-create and CHANGE the world together by raising the conscious collective vibration.


I am very protective of the people that jump into my containerships. I place a strong value on safety and support for my clients and because of this, there is an application process to complete and a required discovery call we have together to see if this group work is for you, or if 1 to 1 work is the better option.

The process is to fill out the application form and then Cathy will contact you and organise a zoom chat.

Only do this if you want to know God and the knowing that God has got your back, so you know that you are not alone.

Allow yourself to fall in love with life itself and love the fullness of who you are while living your best life doing what you love and being rewarded greatly.

Your Investment:

The investment to your beautiful and abundant life depends on your payment preference. 

If you have already applied and had your free discovery call with me and wish to proceed to sign up, please select your preferred option to enrol. 

About Cathy

An expert on love, abundance and purpose

Cathy has spoken to live audiences that span the globe, is an Amazon Number 1 Best Selling Author, been featured in business magazine, is a Ted Talk Speaker and the 2022 AusMumPreneur Business and Humanitarian award winner.

For over 25 years, Cathy has gained her personal and professional development skills from various experiences. After successfully climbing the corporate ladder she found herself uninspired and stuck in life and embarked on her own transformational journey.

After implementing success principles she was able to break through the self-sabotaging patterns and behaviours that created the fundamental shifts she needed and in turn, completely transformed her life. In just 3 years she took her family Buyers Agent business from zero to selling over $100,000,000 of property.

Today, Cathy’s Coaching Practice has been in operation for 7 years with 1:1 clients globally, Cathy has had the honour of coaching for Dr John De Martini, Scott Harris and Mark Rolton, and has positively impacted thousands of others in group coaching sessions.